An Olympian’s Sacrifice

By FAITH MCDONNELL | | February 10, 2022 The Olympic Games are dreamed of by athletes all over the world. The Olympic Gold Medal is the goal of athletes all over the world. But now and then there comes along an individual who is willing to sacrifice their dreams and risk the goal of … Read more

The CCP’s Hunger Games Begin

By Maura Moynihan | The Epoch Times | February 3, 2022 It’s quite a spectacle to watch U.S. media gush over communist China’s Winter Olympics while simultaneously covering up one of the world’s greatest atrocities: the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Uyghur genocide. Three billion viewers across the globe will be watching the games in Beijing, … Read more

What Olympics? Advertisers lay low ahead of Beijing Winter Games

By Sheila Dang | Reuters | 27 January 2022 Jan 27 (Reuters) – Just a week before the opening ceremony of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games, U.S. television viewers can be forgiven for forgetting the date, or even that it is taking place in Beijing, China. Unlike any Games in recent memory, the nearly 20 … Read more

Boycott the Beijing Olympics

By Brian T. Kennedy | RealClearPolitics | Jan 18, 2022 The American way of life has been nearly destroyed over the past two years by a virus that came from communist China. Politically, economically, and socially, America has been devastated. As of this writing, 850,000 Americans have died. Why, then, is the U.S. Olympic team … Read more

U.S. Olympic Figure Skater Timothy LeDuc Condemns ‘Horrifying Human Rights Abuses’ by China

By RANCES MARTEL | Breitbart | Jan 11, 2022 American figure skater Timothy LeDuc condemned China’s “horrifying human rights abuses” in remarks shortly after qualifying to participate in the 2022 Beijing Olympics this weekend, admitting to feeling “powerless” about the situation amid calls to boycott the prestigious event. LeDuc qualified on Sunday to participate in the figure … Read more

Champion Snowboarder Backs Genocide Olympics Boycott: ‘I Don’t Even Want to Be Called an Olympian Anymore’

By FRANCES MARTEL22 | Breitbart | Dec 22, 2021 Canadian two-time Olympic snowboarder and X-Games champion Drew Neilson told the country’s CBC network this week that he was considering asking the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to remove him from its historical roster in protest of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Neilson called for a full … Read more

The Ultimate Super Spreader Event

By Charles “Sam” Faddis | AND Magazine | January 13, 2022 For two years we have listened to the ‘High Priests’ of COVID lecture us on the necessity to “socially distance.” Any number of gatherings have been branded as “super spreader” events, which would result in untold numbers of deaths and the ‘likely destruction’ of … Read more