Keep U.S. Athletes from Harm

NBC just made the decision not to send its announcing teams to China for the Olympics, citing “Covid-19 concerns.” ESPN has made a similar decision. If the Beijing Olympics are too dangerous for NBC and ESPN because of Covid, then they are too dangerous for our athletes.

U.S. Olympic Figure Skater Timothy LeDuc Condemns ‘Horrifying Human Rights Abuses’ by China

By RANCES MARTEL | Breitbart | Jan 11, 2022 American figure skater Timothy LeDuc condemned China’s “horrifying human rights abuses” in remarks shortly after qualifying to participate in the 2022 Beijing Olympics this weekend, admitting to feeling “powerless” about the situation amid calls to boycott the prestigious event. LeDuc qualified on Sunday to participate in the figure … Read more

Champion Snowboarder Backs Genocide Olympics Boycott: ‘I Don’t Even Want to Be Called an Olympian Anymore’

By FRANCES MARTEL22 | Breitbart | Dec 22, 2021 Canadian two-time Olympic snowboarder and X-Games champion Drew Neilson told the country’s CBC network this week that he was considering asking the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to remove him from its historical roster in protest of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Neilson called for a full … Read more

Online Protest Toolkit 2022

Use our toolkit to tell others to Turn Off the Beijing Games. Use our sample Tweets/Social posts suggestions, or create your own, and accompany your posts with our memes and other graphics.

RELEASE: Protection U.S. Olympians!

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release January 10, 2022 CONTACTS: Hamilton Strategies, [email protected], Beth Harrison, 610.584.1096, ext. 105, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102 For Women’s Rights Without Frontiers Reggie Littlejohn, 310.592.5722 [email protected]   New Campaign Calls for Protection of U.S. Olympians – Not the Interests of the Chinese Communist Party Open Letter Urges U.S. Olympic and … Read more

Save Our Olympic Athletes!

As Covid-19 cases skyrocket in China and reports of hemorrhagic fever leak out, concern for the health and safety of U.S. Olympic athletes must be prioritized by the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC).


We join the large and growing coalition of leading Chinese freedom-fighters, national security professionals, faith leaders and human rights champions who are standing against the 2022 “Genocide Games” in Beijing. We are determined to prevent the Chinese Communist Party from being rewarded for its atrocities against millions of Uyghur Muslims and other captive nations of Tibet, East Turkestan, and Southern Mongolia, as well as the CCP’s many other crimes against humanity.

Open Letter to the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee

In 1936, the Olympic Games were held in Berlin, Germany. Predictably, they proved to be an enormous propaganda windfall for Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, affording it unwarranted international prestige, legitimacy and credibility. Arguably, these benefits served as a smokescreen for the horrific crimes against humanity that the Nazi regime subsequently unleashed in its genocidal Holocaust against 6 million Jews and in the course of the world war Hitler precipitated.