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Genocide Games Online Protest

Stop the 2022 Beijing Olympics – a.k.a Genocide Games

On Wednesday, June 23, countries, athletes and others will celebrate International Olympics Day, also known as Olympic & Paralympic Day in the USA.

We invite you to join with us on June 23 to protest online via Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics planned for Beijing. We have provided a protest toolkit to enable and inspire our protest.

The toolkit has sample Tweets & Posts that you can simply copy. We also have a library of memes. You are welcome to download any, or all of the memes to share throughout the day.

Please add #GenocideGames to your posts for the day and post many times throughout the day. We will be posting at the top of the hour every hour from 9 a.m. EST to 5 p.m. EST. If you post then too, we can make #GenocideGames trend on Twitter and Facebook!

We’d be grateful if you would also share the link to our public petition and invite others to do the same:

Here are a few Tweets & Posts to stir your creativity:


The Communist Party of China (#CCP) INFECTED THE WORLD and COVERED IT UP
>>STOP the 2022 #BeijingWinterOlympics


China exported the pandemic to the world.Now, they want to host the 2022 Olympics in Beijing?!?
>>STOP the 2022 #BeijingWinterOlympics<<
Move the Beijing2022Olympics–Boycott the Beijing2022Olympics


Millions tortured. Millions dead. Millions enslaved to tyranny.
The CCP knows no bounds. Boycott the Beijing Olympics. Let’s do the right thing.
Say NO to #Beijing’s #GenocideGames




Genocide Games cordially invites you to speak
at the “Stop the 2022 Beijing Genocide Games” Washington, D.C. Rally

Noon-3 p.m. EST, Tuesday, July 13 on the National Mall


To submit your RSVP or send regrets, please take a few minutes to complete this simple form.

In April, over 100 prominent individuals, many of them leaders of national security, human rights and faith organizations, issued an open letter calling on the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) to press for the 2022 Winter Games to be held outside of China. To do otherwise and allow the Games to be held as planned in Beijing next February, would amount to a tacit endorsement and legitimization of the Chinese Communist Party’s ongoing genocide against ethnic minorities, including millions of Uyghur Muslims, and myriad other crimes against humanity.

The USOC has not responded directly to this call to sponsor “Freedom Olympics,” rather than “Genocide Games”, somewhere other than China. Consequently, the Committee on the Present Danger: China and Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, as well as other signatories of the joint appeal, will be holding a protest rally from noon-3 p.m. ET, Tuesday, July 13, on the east end of the National Mall at 3rd St SW between Madison Dr. SW and Jefferson Dr. SE just to the west of the U.S. Capitol reflection pool. This event is being planned in connection to the International Religious Freedom Summit being hosted in D.C. from July 13-15 and with the gracious support of Congressman Chris Smith’s office.

Beijing’s 2022 Genocide Games should be moved, or boycotted.

You are invited to speak at this important event aimed at ensuring that neither would-be Olympians nor the world’s freedom-loving nations are obliged to turn a blind eye towards – or, worse yet, be seen as endorsers of – the CCP’s deplorable and inhumane behavior.  We also welcome cultural presentations – dancing, singing, art displays, etc. – from countries and regions harmed and held captive by China, or those at risk of becoming enslaved to the CCP through the neo-colonization project of the Belt and Road Initiative.

WHAT: A public protest rally, with victim testimonials and cultural exhibits. Our speakers oppose the planned 2022 Genocide Games in Beijing and call for Freedom Olympics to be held elsewhere, or the Olympics should be boycotted.

WHO:  China experts, national security experts, CCP Captive Nations, victims of the CCP, Chinese dissidents, cultural performers and artists, faith leaders, elected and appointed officials, and others opposed to the 2022 Beijing Genocide Games.

WHEN & WHERE:  Noon to 3 p.m. ET, Tuesday, July 13 at the east end of the National Mall at 3rd St. SW between Madison Dr. SW and Jefferson Dr. SE.

CONTACT: Dede Laugesen, executive secretary, Committee on the Present Danger: China, [email protected]

This invitation is for in-person remarks. Videotaped remarks are welcome for distribution from, but we will not have the equipment to broadcast video remarks at this rally. We ask you to plan on making up to 10 minutes of remarks. A speaker’s agenda with time allotments will be sent to our speakers by July 9. The rally image above can be used to promote the rally to your networks.

Please RSVP by close of business on Friday, July 2.

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