Pompeo Nails Biden on ‘Genocide Olympics’ with White House Hypocrisy on Full Display

By Joe Saunders | The Western Journal | April 7, 2021

Mike Pompeo is proving it’s not too hard to make the Biden White House look bad.

When the former secretary of state in the Trump White House made a case Tuesday for the U.S. to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics set to be held in China, he had an easy comparison to make between the Biden administration’s behavior toward the communist giant and how it’s treated the American state of Georgia.

The differences are as obvious as they are embarrassing.

Speaking during a virtual seminar for the Nixon Foundation, which he co-chairs with former National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, Pompeo said the U.S. should boycott the 2022 Beijing games over China’s treatment of the Uighurs, a mainly Muslim ethnic group in the country’s west.

China’s systematic persecution of the Uighurs, including internment campsforced labor and even forced sterilization and killing are no secret to the world.

In the closing days of President Donald Trump’s administration, Pompeo declared China was committing “genocide and crimes against humanity” in its treatment of the Uighurs.

Even Antony Blinken, President Joe Biden’s secretary of state, acknowledged during his confirmation hearings in January that China was guilty of genocide.

“I don’t think we should go. I don’t think we should have any American go and participate in the Genocide Olympics,” Pompeo said during Tuesday’s seminar, according to the Washington Examiner.

He said he hoped the International Olympic Committee would find a way around allowing Chinese President Xi Jinping to host the games, and even hinted at the possibility they could evolve into a hostage situation.

“How you would send your child there to compete when if they said so much as, ‘Boy, the food is bad here today,’ you could end up in a Chinese prison for an awfully long time,” Pompeo said.

“I think that’s a modest overstatement. It seems like an awful lot of risk, and I think Xi knows that. He might not well take anyone and hold them, but it’s not a risk I would suggest to one of my family members, if they were good enough athletes, ought to take. I hope we’ll convince the IOC not to hold them there and find another solution.”

Then he nailed the Biden White House soundly.

“We figured out how to move an All-Star Game pretty quickly,” he said. “Maybe we can figure out how to move an Olympics.”

The reference, of course, was to the president’s backing of Major League Baseball’s decision to move this year’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta to protest the new voting integrity law passed by the Georgia legislature and signed by Gov. Brian Kemp on March 25.


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