OPINION: Beijing’s ‘Genocide Games’: Spectators Banned, Athletes Jabbed

By Reggie Littlejohn | Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

At the request of China’s Olympic Committee, “Beijing 22,” the International Olympic Committee has banned international spectators from attending the Genocide Games.  Only people living in China — only people under the CCP’s surveillance and control — will be allowed to attend the Games.

Was this decision truly because of Covid, as they aver?  Or was it because the CCP fears that concerned spectators from all over the world might protest the CCP’s egregious human rights record?  Such public outcries would bollix the tightly choreographed propaganda bonanza the CCP is desperately attempting to orchestrate.

Is the CCP worried about facing a lose-lose situation? If international spectators were allowed to attend, it is likely that some would protest.  What would the CCP do? Arresting them would create an international incident.  Not arresting them would let them get away with publicly exposing the CCP’s evil actions, right from Chinese soil.  Either way, not good.  Better just to ban them altogether, to save face.  By banning international spectators, the CCP is assured of heavily surveilled, dutifully cheering crowds who will not unfurl a “Free Tibet” or “Stop Uyghur Genocide” banner from the stands — thus “bringing a favourable atmosphere to the venues,” as stated by the IOC in its announcement.

Banning international spectators will not resolve one thorny issue:  What if the athletes themselves protest?   What will the CCP do – arrest them?  What will the IOC do – allow them to be arrested, or stand up for their rights to peaceful free speech?

Beyond banning international spectators, Beijing 22 is requiring a 21-day quarantine for unvaccinated athletes.  This requirement amounts to a de facto vaccine mandate.  As Beijing well knows, no athlete can hope to win a medal at the Olympics after having been quarantined in a hotel room for 21 days just prior to the competition. Exceptions will be “considered” (not guaranteed) for athletes with a “justified medical exemption.”   There is no mention of a “justified religious exemption.”  True to form, the CCP continues its war on faith.

Since the CCP is mandating that athletes be vaccinated, will it agree to pay for any adverse reactions suffered by athletes who may be injured by the jab?  Will the IOC require this of the CCP?

We call upon the IOC to protect the free speech of athletes who peacefully protest the atrocities of the CCP at the Genocide Games.  We also call on them to protect the sincerely held religious beliefs of athletes by honoring requests for religious exemptions.  We further call on them to protect the health of these athletes by nixing vaccine mandates for those who choose not to be vaccinated or who have acquired natural immunity by having recovered from the disease.

If the CCP insists on requiring the jab, the IOC should require the CCP justly to compensate any athlete who suffers an adverse reaction to the vaccine.  For example, the CCP and the IOC are on notice that young men have experienced myocarditis after receiving the jab.  The heart inflammation associated with myocarditis can be potentially devastating to an athlete preparing to compete at the Olympics, with possibly permanent health consequences.

Athletes should not be compelled to compete on soil stained with the blood of 400 million forced abortions, the genocide of Uyghurs, forced organ harvesting, religious persecution of all faiths, the decimation of Tibet and Hong Kong, and the origin of the worldwide viral pestilence.

The athletes deserve better.  The Genocide Games should be delayed and moved to a nation not actively committing genocide — or boycotted.

Not only should the games be moved, but China should be banned from competing.  South Africa was banned from the Olympics in 1964 to 1988 because of its practice of apartheid. Likewise, the International Olympic Committee should express the disapproval of the CCP’s genocide and other crimes against humanity by banning China from the Olympics.

Sign our petition to Stop the Genocide Games at GenocideGames.org.

Sign our petition to Stop Vaccine Passports and Mandates at StopVaxPassports.org.

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