Online Protest Starter Toolkit

Protest the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics online.

  • Below, you will find sample Tweets/Social posts that you can use as is, or create your own.
  • Please use #GenocideGames in your Tweets and posts.
  • You will also find memes and other art that can accompany your posts.
  • Re-use permission is hereby granted for the posts and digital art provided below.

Sample social media messages:

Tweet character limit is 240.

The Communist Party of China (#CCP) INFECTED THE WORLD and COVERED IT UP
>>STOP the 2022 #BeijingWinterOlympics <<
China exported the pandemic to the world.Now, they want to host the 2022 Olympics in Beijing?!?
>>STOP the 2022 #BeijingWinterOlympics <<
– Move the Beijing2022Olympics
– Boycott the Beijing2022Olympics


The CCP kills, disappears, rapes, and kidnaps Uyghurs, Kazakhs and other minorities to exterminate the people and their culture. China cannot be excused for the sake of the 2022 Olympics.
Hold China accountable!

The #CCP is taking control of other countries’ sovereignty, resources and infrastructure through the #BRI’s debt-trap loans and investments.
China’s dream is the world’s nightmare!

Say NO to Beijing’s #GenocideGames

Hold China accountable for its crimes against #HongKong, and the world!

Say NO to #Beijing’s #GenocideGames

Half a Billion Killed…
Millions tortured, starved, enslaved… 400 million died through forced abortion… The CCP knows no bounds. Boycott the Beijing Olympics.

Say NO to #Beijing’s #GenocideGames


Please share these graphics (or create your own):

Post your own picture holding a sign or a hashtag

Write it in your own hand or print it our from one of the PDFs below.

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