China controls the IOC and Olympic sponsors the way it governs its citizens: Through fear

Noted East Asia scholar Perry Link once called China “the anaconda in the chandelier.” You wouldn’t knowingly let a snake into your home. Yet it got in. Or, rather, Procter & Gamble and other Olympic sponsors let it in. They unlocked your door and allowed it to crawl inside, and now you better check what’s coiled around your phone or that pair of shoes in your closet.

White House Confirms Biden Administration Not Discussing Beijing Olympics Boycott

The White House reiterated that the Biden administration isn’t discussing a joint boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, noting that the United States is still planning to attend the event. The confirmation comes April 7, after the State Department initially said yesterday that it was discussing with allies whether to consider a potential joint boycott, before the department later backtracked.

Stop the ‘Genocide Games’

An international treaty obliges signatories to punish a nation that perpetrates genocide. The question at the moment is whether Communist China – which the U.S. State Department, among others, has determined is genocidally repressing millions of Uyghur Muslims and others – will be rewarded for doing so?