Free Kazakhs: “Stop the Genocide Games” rally in DC

These are the members of the Free Kazakhs, an organization made up of Kazakhs working to promote democracy and freedom in Kazakhstan. They also address the issue of Chinese and Russian expansionism in Kazakhstan, as the Kazakhstan government works to create closer ties with the Chinese and Russian dictatorships.

Mimang Lhakar: “Stop the Genocide Games” rally in DC

This is the Tibetan Performance Group, Mimang Lhakar, which was founded by Tibetan community members to preserve the Tibetan culture. Known as White Wednesday, Lhakar is a day where Tibetans from all over the world celebrate the Tibetan culture every Wednesday by wearing traditional clothing and performing Tibetan music and dance. Mimang Lhakar was founded … Read more

Patricia Streeter: “Stop the Genocide Games” rally in DC

Ms. Patricia Streeter, an active member of the Anglican Persecuted Church Network. Ms. Streeter, along with Ms. Faith McDonnell, has founded the Anglican Persecuted Church Network in hopes to advocate for persecuted Christians all over the world. Her engagement with her organization has resulted in numerous advocacy actions and events the persecuted worldwide, including those … Read more

Ulziimuren: “Stop the Genocide Games” rally in DC

Mr. Ulziimuren, a well-known Southern Mongolian performance artist. Mr. Ulziimuren has been working to protect and preserve the Mongolian way of life since his time in Southern Mongolia. The song that he is performing on a horse head fiddle is a song composed by a friend currently held captive by CCP authorities.

CBN News: ‘Genocide Games’: Beijing Olympics Would Set a Terrible Example, ‘Comparable to the Third Reich’

As the world’s most elite athletes compete in Tokyo, human rights activists are focused on the next Olympic Games – the 2022 Winter Olympics planned for Beijing in just six months. The communist regime in China stands accused of crimes against humanity, including genocide.

Before the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing pledged to improve its human rights record, but the communist party reversed course, intensifying repression.

Fr. Frank Pavone on the 2022 Beijing Olympics

 Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, speaks on behalf of moving or boycotting the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, because of the Chinese Communist Party’s many human rights atrocities, including genocide against the Uyghurs and other minorites in Xinjiang, forced abortions and sterilization, and systematic religious persecution.